9 Colors & 6 Sizes

Technical data

Integrated technology! No external power supply! Comes with 6' power cord and plug, ready to go!

ProductLength in
Length in
Lamp SizeWeight

LIST404251' 4"T5163 g = 5.8 oz
LIST757552' 5"T8283 g = 10 oz
LIST10010653' 5"T8395 g = 14 oz.
LIST14013654' 8"T8437 g = 15.5 oz
LIST17016755' 5"T8533 g =18.8 oz
LIST19019256' 3"T8590 g = 20.82 oz



The standard version is designed with 90° angle for use in Stainless Steel Stands and includes strain relief clip preventing cable damage.

Standard version: safe stand through 90° cable output (strain relief, no cable breakage)

The alternate version is a detachable power cord with molded plug. Both power cord versions plug into standard 110V/120V or 220V/230V wall outlets. The power cord is approximately six feet long

Both versions are available with (standard) or without decorative chrome foil at both ends. The chrome foil covers the integrated technology.

Installation, versions & length

Installation: Floor, ceiling, wall, window, and outdoor mounting systems are available (see accessories)

Versions: 110V/120V and 220V/230V (also available: 170 Light-Stick w/multi-voltage auto recognition HF-High Frequency technology)

The standard size (length about 170 cm) of each color we carry in stock constantly, all other size are produced on demand. Blacklight Light-Sticks are in the lengths 1675 mm and 1365 mm available.

8 and 70 Wattage are not White Day-light, they are Cool White (sometimes color deviations).